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index                             Human Body Systems

   1.Body Organization And Structure 
      body organization
      skeletal system
      muscular system
      levers and mechanical advantage
      modifying a hypothesis
   2.Circulation and Respiration
      cardiovascular system
      the respiratory system
      carbon dioxide in respiration
      evaluating resources for research 
   3.Communication and Control
      the nervous system 
      sensing the environment
      Dissecting a cow's eye
      selecting tools to perform tests

Body Organization and Strucure 

Body organization means that our body is made of cells,tissues,organs,organ system so it is known as body organization and structure mean that our skin is round in the shape of bones.

Body Organization

     Our body contains approximately has 100trillion of cells and more than 100 types of cells some cells work together as a tissues like group and some groups together working together is called organ and all organs working together is called organ system.

Biology:-Nervous system

Every thing is known by the brain without that you cannot do any thing.nervous system is made of brain,spinal cord,nerves.brain is jelly substance and it is 1.5 kilos or 3pounds.brain communicate with the help of spinal cord and tells what is going every time.and also gives instructions what to do.brain is made of millions of nerve cells.brain is divided into 2 parts by ours they are right and left brain.right side controll left and of the brain.cerebrum,cerebellum,thalamus,brain stem.
1.Cerebrum:-It controlles boundry muscles.Ex:-Our control