ABACUS means, calculations using Brain & Fingers..

Use Abacus

This video which was down tells you what is Abacus..

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Color full ABACUS

Level 1 in ABACUS Introduction

     To learn abacus first we should learn small and big friends.That means it is a part of abacus of basics
     There will be a table for small and big friends:-
     1.[4-1],2.[3-2],3.[2-3],4.[1-4].these are the small friends because if we add any pair the answer is 5 so we call small friends.
How to use small friends?
     To use small friends first the introduction:the small friends are used in abacus on time of adding and lessing in abacus.for Ex:3+2 mean that first you will take 3 and to add 2 the friend of the 2 is 3 so we less 3 and add more:4+3 mean first you will take 4 and to add 3 the friend of 3 is 2 so we less 2 and add 5.
How to use big friends?
     To use big friends first we need the table of big friends:-
These are the big friends in the abacus because if we add any pair it is 10 so we call them as big friends.
     To use big friends for Ex:9+9=first you will take 9 in abacus and to add another 9 the friend of 9 is 1 so you less 1 and add 10.